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Queen of PurgaTori
Lordess of Red Lions
Sunset Hunters - Drawing 
13th-Aug-2009 12:36 am
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Pray Pretty Yeah
So, i finished the drawing I was doing for ever now. Started it at con, finished it this morning. Gonna have a print made for someone. Anyhow, Wanted to show it off a bit, cus I'm proud of it at the moment. I'll post it to deviant art later i Think. For now this will do.

It's large, so i put it behind a cut.

Oh, also, those of you who have said such nice things to me lately. Thank you. I need to reply to all that but I haven't been motovated enough to do it. But know that I am grateful, I really am. It's helped.

And Steph, thank you for trying to help with the song. Even as far as asking a friend. You're amazing. Thank you.

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