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Sunset Hunters - Drawing

So, i finished the drawing I was doing for ever now. Started it at con, finished it this morning. Gonna have a print made for someone. Anyhow, Wanted to show it off a bit, cus I'm proud of it at the moment. I'll post it to deviant art later i Think. For now this will do.

It's large, so i put it behind a cut.

Oh, also, those of you who have said such nice things to me lately. Thank you. I need to reply to all that but I haven't been motovated enough to do it. But know that I am grateful, I really am. It's helped.

And Steph, thank you for trying to help with the song. Even as far as asking a friend. You're amazing. Thank you.

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I stole the internet for a moment.

Can't stay, but had to drop a note to say that I am having a BLAST.

A few more days and I will chat it all out for everyone!

I like how no one but Aaron exted me. SOB. Oh well. Hehe. I'm still having fun.

They got me on Twitter here... still learning how to use it. "Redlionspride" is mine. I'm.... learning xD


Miss most of you. Some morethen others though, sorry loves.


--- EDIT: If you are here and want to meet up, OMG lets. I know some of you are. Reply here and I will get back as soon as I can.
Leia - I'm your Girl

I'm a Sheep. BAAAh

Eh, i might as well toss this out here too. What the hell.

Pick an RP character of mine and I will tell you their

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11. Favorite music
12. Biggest fear
13. Biggest fantasy
15. Bad habits
16. Biggest regret
17. Best kept secrets
18. Last thought
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience
20. Biggest insecurity

No, really, you all know my kids. Edel or others is fine.
What did you have in mind?

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Hehehe cuuuuuuute. . .

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Phones On

My Cell Phones back on, for those who know it and haven't been able to get though. I'm all paid up for once. Surprised arnt you. Lol. Anyhow. It's on, and although it's not on me all the time at work, i am taking messages.

Love all.

PS: i feel really iky. like sickie.
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Blah Blah Blah

So because of my Job fucking up on my W4 form thingys when they converted it to computer, I now owe the Tax God demons $242.00. I can not express my joy over this in words. 0.0... and they wont let me head down to the office with a baseball bat either.

So what else is up today?

Mona wanted to file a report on “Workplace Violence” because her plant in her old office was “Hacked” as she stated it several times. She of course blamed her “Arch Nemesis” Lida. Okies yes, laugh it off. Really. Want a sample of my report? In mock form...

Time: 1945
Victime Mona Lastnamehere found in her office that her house Plant which drapes through out her entire Office ceiling was “Hacked” back to nothing. The vines were left in place, but all ties to the base of the plant have been severed.”

Ooooh some huge report. Okie so I didn’t word it like THAT but that’s the feel of it. Of course I had to work with te Sheriffs that were there. As well as Mike, the Sup that was there. T owhich HE had to call up his sup and tell her that he had a “Report of Work Place Violence of a plant” to which the rest fo us had issues with not laughing to the point of fertilizing our pants and carpet. Gee thanks.

Humor aside, when I went back to my side of the building the Baka janitor who speaks only Spanish set the alarm so I set it off. Think they give me codes? Nope. It’s a Security thing (HELLO!? I AM Security! Fuckers.) anyhow. SO I have to flag her down. Have it turned off. But she doesn’t understand me. Till I get it throw to her that I need my crap. To sign out (which was 20 minutes late. No I wont be paid for that.) lock the doors, and grab my things to leave. I do.... and find out that when I went IN the building, she set the alarm again. So when I left I set it off ONCE MORE. But she had left already. So..... and here might be my job on a line but I doubt it...... I left. With an Alarm going off. And I don’t care.

On the bright side, Erin found a Fic that Julie found for me years ago. I missed it. It’s a bad but amusing percy/Oliver Fiction. And I am going to place it here so I don’t lose it. And so others and laugh at it. And so if Julie (if you read this) can reread it and laugh at the good old days. Oh yes.

The Fic:

Um...... my lip is swollen again and my nose keeps bleeding. BUT the WONDERFUL news is that its cold as fuck here and raining (much colder feeling then all the time I was in Canada. How odd yes?) They say it might snow tomorrow if your up at the ass crack fo dawn and it’s raining. HA I doubt it.

Anyhow. In the long run, my mood is alright. Though I wanna chew my lip off. Need lip balm. . .

Love and Hershey’s Kisses.
C&amp;C - The Crowing

Friends Only

Friends Only:

This journal is for random ramblings and drowning ons about stupid stuff in general. Comment to be added or something. Though why you would wanna I don’t know. Loves!
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